Information Technology (Since 2007)


Prof. Sarvesh Warjurkar

(Head, Information Technology Department)
B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D*
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Affiliated to RTM Nagpur University

Total Intake :- 60


  • About Department

    ♦ The institute offers course of Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology since 2007 and Post-graduate Programme (M,Tech.) Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (New) with intake of 24 (Twenty Four).

    ♦ We possess a team of experienced and well-qualified teachers with well-versed of subject knowledge and having a deep, steadfast commitment to disseminate quality & value-based education in technical subjects.

    ♦ The department library serves 100 reference & text books as a ready source of information.

    ♦ Information Technology dept. has various applications in the field of Software Testing, Software Development, E-governance, E-Commerce and other such like industries.

    ♦ The Department is dedicated to research, education and overall excellence.

    ♦ The various programs taken up here aim at exposing students to the developments in the field of computing, thereby enabling them to meet the needs of the IT industry and research organizations in India and abroad.

    Key Strength

    a) The students are working on Industry Sponsored andInnovative Projects.

    b) Active Industry-Academic Collaborations.

    c) Vibrant Professional Society Chapters (IEI/ISTE/CSI).

    d) Hands-on training is given on latest technology looking at improvement in quality of project work.

    e) Regular organize Short Term Training program and faculty Development program.

    f) Every year Department publishes Annual Magazine “Infomatics” and Newsletter “Info-Times”.

    g) Parent-Teacher meet is organized every semester to discuss various ongoing activity in department and academic progress of students.

  • Vision and Mission of Department


    To contribute in the enhancement of capabilities of youth to face Information Technology challenges by empowering them with innovative ideas.


    ♦ To stimulate students to learn effectively and apply the knowledge in the field of Engineering and Technology.

    ♦ To undertake industry academic collaboration to enhance competency in graduates.

    ♦ To foster innovative ideas amongst students for becoming leaders.

    ♦ To create an environment of research culture.

    ♦ To impart social and ethical values for inculcating the culture of lifelong learning.

  • Programme Educational Objectives

    PEO-1: Acquire fundamental knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to analyze, design and implement solutions to the Information Technology problems

    PEO-2: Understand emerging concepts and trends in Information Technology.

    PEO-3: Apply IT tools to develop innovative computational systems.

    PEO-4: The students are encouraged to develop the habit of lifelong learning to face the challenges.

    PEO-5: The students will be embedded as a responsible individual having ethical and social values to lead the society and to nurture team spirit.

  • Program Specific Outcomes

    PSO-1: Ability to design, construct and analyze Information Technology systems.

    PSO-2: Ability to use associated software to develop and improve performance of Information Technology domain.

  • Program Outcomes

    1. Engineering Knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.

    2. Problem Analysis: Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.

    3. Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.

    4. Conduct investigations of complex problems: Use research based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.

    5. Modern tool usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modelling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.

    6. The engineer and society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.

    7. Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.

    8. Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.

    9. Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.

    10. Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.

    11. Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.

    12. Lifelong learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and lifelong learning in the broadest context of technological change.

  • Infrastructure

    Class rooms with ICT facility

    Internet facilities for Staff & Students .

    The adequate and well equipped laboratories are available in department

    Sr. No. Name of Labotratory List of Software
    1 Computer Network Lab Turbo C, C++, NS2, Wirshark
    2 Computer Graphics Lab Turbo C, C++, Open Office
    3 Object Oriented Programming Lab C++, JDK 1.5
    4 Project Lab Turbo C, C++, Java, .Net
    5 Advance Database Lab My SQL, Oracle 9i
    6 Data Structure Lab Turbo C, C++, JDK 1.5
    7 Software Engineering Lab  IBM Rational Rose, Oracle 9i
    8 Computer Workshop Computer Systems, Network Switch, Motherboard, Processors, Computer Systems
    9 Language Lab Turbo C, C++, ETNLLanguage software
    10 Advances of Algorithm Lab Turbo C, C++, Wirshark
    11 Simulation Lab LINUX,WEKA, Eclips, Simulator, Cisco Packet tracer, Veka tool

  • Activities

    Activities conducted for Teaching Staff

    Sr. No. Title of the Professional Development Program Organised for Teaching Staff In Association with Dates (from-to)
    1 Hardware Networking Indian Socoiety for Technical Education 8/1/2015 To 09/01/2015
    2 Worshop on Secure Tunneling Intranetworking between Companies in different location Indian Socoiety for Technical Education 5/11/2014  To 06/11/2014
    3 Workshop on Network Infrastructure Indian Socoiety for Technical Education 23/07/2015  To 24/07/2015
    4 Rational Rose Indian Socoiety for Technical Education 22/09/2016  To 22/09/2016
    5 Two Days Workshop on Outcome Based Education & New NBA Formats Indian Socoiety for Technical Education 10-12-2016 To  11-12-2016
    6 Data Mining  The Institute of Engineers Indian(IEI) 17/08/2017   To 18/08/2017
    7 Big Data Analysis Indian Socoiety for Technical Education 16/11/2017
    8 Workshop on “Internet of Things using Arduino" Indian Socoiety for Technical Education 08/02/2018   To 09/02/2018
    9 Workshop on Responsive Web-site with Lates Technology Indian Socoiety for Technical Education 20/12/2018 To 21/12/2018
    10 Machine learning & Networking Indian Socoiety for Technical Education 28/08/2019  To 29/08/2019

    Activities conducted for Non-Teaching Staff

    Sr. No. Title of the Professional Development Program Organised for Teaching Staff In Association with Dates (from-to)
    1 One Day workshop on Open Source Software for Library Gaikwad-Patil Group of Institutions 27-04-19
    2 Two Days workshop on Communication Skills Institution of Engineers (India) 04/01/2019 to 05/01/2019
    3 Two Days workshop on Yoga & Meditation   02/02/2018 to 03/02/2018
    4 One day workshop on Intensive Spoken English Grammar Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) 02-09-17
    5 One week Workshop on how to handle Networking Devices Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) 23/01/2017 to 28/01/2017
    6 One Week Workshop on Basics of Data Entry Operations Institution of Engineers (India) 16-10-2016 to 21-10-2016
    7 Three days workshop on Ability to Multitask and Work under Pressure Institution of Engineers (India) 08/12/2016 to 10/12/2016
    8 Induction Training Programme for Non‐Teaching Staffs Gaikwad-Patil Group of Institutions 06-02-16
    9 Seminar on Health Care & Cautions Spandan Heart Care Institute, Nagpur 07-02-15
    10 One Day workshop on Mind Mapping   16-08-14

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  • Students Placed

    Some of the students placed are given below...

    Sr.No Name of Student Company Name Academic Year
    1 BHARTI RAMTEKE Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    2 NIKITA ASHOK RUIKAR Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    3 Priyanka Sanjayrao Deotale Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    4 PRANAV DHAGE Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    5 PRIYANKA SANJAY DEOTALE Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    6 RAHUL YEDE Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    7 RUPENDRA RAMDHAN GIRARE Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    8 SHUBHAM KINEKAR Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    9 SUSHANT VASANT CHOUDHARY Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    10 TARUN BARAPATRE Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    11 THANESHWAR KATRE Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    12 Thaneshwar Tulshidas Katre Just Dial 2018-2019
    13 Bhagyashri Chauragade Just Dial 2018-2019
    14 Shital Ramesh Hatele Just Dial 2018-2019
    15 Swati Keshao Chaure Just Dial 2018-2019
    16 Chandan Kumar Prasad Just Dial 2018-2019
    17 Charudatta Mukund Deshpande Just Dial 2018-2019
    18 PIYUSH PRAKASHRAO NIGHOT Just Dial 2018-2019
    19 Tarunkumar Jitendra Barapatre Just Dial 2018-2019
    20 Bhagyashri C. Chauragade  Money India Research 2018-2019
    21 Bhagyashri C. Chauragade  Money India Research 2018-2019
    22 Komal S Nighote  Money India Research 2018-2019
    23 Jyoti Verma  Money India Research 2018-2019
    24 Ruchali Ramesh Bopache Money India Research 2018-2019
    25 Kruti Sanjay Hadge Money India Research 2018-2019
    26 Sushant V.chaudhari Money India Research 2018-2019
    27 Tarunkumar J. Barapatre Money India Research 2018-2019
    28 Pournima manohar hatwar Money India Research 2018-2019
    29 Swapnil Pramod Chaple Money India Research 2018-2019
    30 Ruchika Chandrashekhar Adekar Money India Research 2018-2019
    31 Harshita Hadke Money India Research 2018-2019
    32 Pratiksha Chavhan Money India Research 2018-2019
    33 Shubhangi Dharwar  Money India Research 2018-2019
    34 PRALAY RAHANGDALE Money India Research 2018-2019
    35 Pratiksha Vikasrao Chavan Money India Research 2018-2019
    36 Vaibhav Manoj Deshmukh Rapid Eagle Pvt Ltd 2018-2019
    37 Vishal Vidyadhar Dev Rapid Eagle Pvt Ltd 2018-2019
    38 Ashwini Hande Sapalogy Pvt Ltd 2018-2019
    39 Madhuri Ainsing Pulo SGS Technical Services 2018-2019
    40 Manmohini Manoranjan Ray SGS Technical Services 2018-2019
    41 Mansi Sumet Dule SGS Technical Services 2018-2019
    42 Monali Arun Khode SGS Technical Services 2018-2019
    43 Nikita Ashokrao Ruikar SGS Technical Services 2018-2019
    44 Poonam Shankarlal Dahiya SGS Technical Services 2018-2019
    45 Dushant Chhaganlal Shende SGS Technical Services 2018-2019
    46 Jivesh Purushottam Bobade SGS Technical Services 2018-2019
    47 Rahul Motilal Yede SGS Technical Services 2018-2019
    48 Roshanbanu Abdulhamid Ghadata SGS Technical Services 2018-2019
    49 RUCHIKA TIWARI Shield Research 2018-2019
    50 Rewati Mudliar TCS 2018-2019
    51 Pranav Sanjay Dhage TechMahindra 2018-2019
    52 Pritesh Deepak Rangari TechMahindra 2018-2019
    53 Rupendra R Girare TechMahindra 2018-2019
    54 Lalita Jambhulkar Mphasis, Imran. 2016-2017
    55 Pranali Nandanwar Icrux Sytems, Mumbai 2017-2018
    56 Amit Prasad Infosys 2017-2018
    57 Biern Mazhi Jain Software, Raipur 2017-2018
    58 Dhirajkumar D.Gaydhane  Jain Software, Raipur 2017-2018
    59 Chainsing R. Lilhare  Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    60 Komal Daine Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    61 Lekhchand K. Sharnagat  Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    62 Priti Pendor Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    63 Shubham B. Bhadke  Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    64 Ravishankar Mahule Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    65 Prassanata Mehar Ucn, Nagpur 2017-2018
    66 Kiran A. Dhale  Victory Terminal Financial Services 2017-2018
    67 Pooja Patil  Victory Terminal Financial Services 2017-2018
    68 Pranita Sonke Victory Terminal Financial Services 2017-2018
    69 Akash S. Kulkarni  Zappkode Solutions, Nagpur 2017-2018
    70 Mangesh V. Choudhari  Zappkode Solutions, Nagpur 2017-2018
    71 Shumendra P. Bhelawe  Zappkode Solutions, Nagpur 2017-2018
    72 Shubham Bhadke Zappkode Solutions, Nagpur 2017-2018
    73 Rahul Yesanburwe Abhijay Autoparts Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    74 Kalpita Bhaiyya Patil Dhandhaniya Infotech Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    75 Kiran Ravindra Wahane Dhandhaniya Infotech Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    76 Komal Sopanrao Nighot Dhandhaniya Infotech Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    77 Krutika Sanjay Hadge Dhandhaniya Infotech Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    78 Dhiraj Digambar Rajurkar Dhandhaniya Infotech Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    79 Akash Lanjewar Dhandhaniya Infotech Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    80 Raginee Dongre Dhandhaniya Infotech Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    81 Payal R Dongre Dhandhaniya Infotech Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    82 Akshay Madame I-Aps Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    83 Pratik Chaudari I-Aps Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    84 Navin Modgare I-Aps Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    85 Sandip Shinde I-Aps Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    86 Dhiraj Rajurkar I-Aps Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    87 Shabda Deshmukh I-Aps Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    88 sneha  sahu I-Aps Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    89 Nidhi Bharatkar Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    90 Shital Pofare Web World Group  2015-2016
    91 Ankita Mathankar Web World Group  2015-2016
    92 Rupesh Shil Web World Group  2015-2016
    93 Devsmita Shil Web World Group  2015-2016
    94 Komal Deoghare Web World Group  2015-2016
    95 Mithun Funde Web World Group  2015-2016
    96 Pratik Bhise Web World Group  2015-2016
    97 Amol Umale Viragh Microsystems  2015-2016
    98 Rahul Naitam Viragh Microsystems  2015-2016
    99 Minal Burande Axioms Tech Guru  2015-2016
    100 Sneha Bahadure Axioms Tech Guru  2015-2016
    101 Ajay Gole Kartpay 2015-2016
    102 Dipali Bawane Kartpay 2015-2016
    103 Prajakta Ramteke Kartpay 2015-2016
    104 Kanchan Bhagat Kartpay 2015-2016
    105 Ashish Pardikar Nitor  2015-2016
    106 Shital Jadhav Nitor  2015-2016
    107 Krutika Rathod Nitor  2015-2016
    108 Ankita Dhote Nitor  2015-2016
    109 Rituja Gotephode Paramtrix Technologies Pvt Ltd 2014-2015
    110 Julee S. Potwar Trivium Education Services P. Ltd 2014-2015
    111 Sayali Salokar Trivium Education Services P. Ltd 2014-2015
    112 Suheli Pathade Trivium Education Services P. Ltd 2014-2015
    113 Mrunal Bais L&T 2014-2015
    114 Dipak A. Varma Horizon 2014-2015
    115 Nasir Shekh Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    116 Swpanil Khundalkar Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    117 Amol Gajanan Borkar Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    118 Dharmdeep Kumar Pal Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    119 Piyush Suresh Tekade Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    120 Gayatri Gawli Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    121 Roshan Nistane Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    122 Sheha Dabekar Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    123 Akshay Bhagat Percept Web Soluitons 2014-2015
    124 Sayli Bonde Hubcity 2014-2015
    125 Amit Gaur Hubcity 2014-2015
    126 Madhura Nitnawre Astral Informatics  2014-2015

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    1     ADS IV
    2     CAO IV
    3     OOM IV
    4     TOC IV
    5     CN VI
    6     DBMS VI
    7     IP VI
    8     OS VI
    9     DS VIII
    10     GAP VIII
    11     ES VIII
    12     WSN VIII

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