Chairman, ISTE Chapter

Dr.Roshani Singh
Faculty Advisor,
ISTE Students Chapter

ISTE Students Chapter



  • Activities

    Sr. No. Name of Event Date
    1 4th Annual International conference ICETCE-18 9th & 10th Feb.2018
    2 4th Annual International conference ICRTEE-18 9th & 10th Feb.2018
    3 4th Annual International conference Techtantra-18 9th & 10th Feb.2018
    4 4th Annual International conference Techotronics-18 9th & 10th Feb.2018
    5 4th Annual International conference Techscientia-18 9th & 10th Feb.2018
    6 4th Annual International conference ACUMEN-18 9th & 10th Feb.2018
    7 4th Annual International conference Techsoft-18 9th & 10th Feb.2018
    8 One Day Workshop on “Oracle Virtual Private Database” 1st February 2018
    9 CMS IT Services Pvt.Ltd, Nagpur 28th January 2017
    10       Revat Networks,Nagpur 28th January 2017
    11 Axiom TechGuru Pvt.Ltd, Nagpur 18th January 2018
    12 Guest Lecture on “Future Scope in Software Development” 18th January 2018
    13 Karnawati Engineering Limited, Ahmadabad 2nd January 2017
    14 Educational Tour Programme ‘KERALA to KANYAKUMARI’ 27th December 2017

  • Funds Received

    ISTE-SRM STTP on Design of Mechatronics System (Design of Mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic System) Dr.G.K. Awari 1,00,000/- 9th – 14th June,  2014
    ISTE Sponsored International Conference , Tech Ed 15 Prof. Sulabha Patil 10,000/- 22nd– 23rd April,2015
    ISTE-PTU-FDP- Cyber Crime and Security Prof. Roshani Talmale 1,00,000/- 5th to 9th May, 2015

  • Awards

    Maharashtra State Engineering Design Award was awarded to students of Electronics and Communication Engineering department for the project entitled Crop Manager using Microcontroller for Irrigation in the 17th ISTE Students National Convention held on 10th and 11th October, 2014.

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