IEI (India) Student Chapter


Prof. Roshani Talmale

Faculty Advisor
TGPCET Students’ Chapter
The Institution of Engineers (India)


Prof. Anup Gade

TGPCET Students’ Chapter
The Institution of Engineers (India)



  • About

    We are pleased to inform that Tulsiramji Gaikwad-Patil College of Engineering and technology , Nagpur has started students’ chapter of Institution of Engineers (India) in the year 2010 . IEI (Institution of Engineers, India) is an established professional association of India for the advancement of technology. The students’ chapters organize various activities like special lectures, Quiz competitions, Group Discussions, Seminars, Workshops, Symposia, etc. for the development of socio-techno-intellectual qualities in the students as well as for encouraging their quest for knowledge in a disciplined manner.

  • Members

    Sr. No. Name of Faculty Membership Member Code
    1 Dr.G.K.Awari Fellow F-115300-1
    2 Prof. Sandeep  Gaikwad Associate A-528868-2
    3 Prof.Roshani Talmale Member M-147885-5
    4 Prof.Supratim Shaha Associate Member AM-151382-9
    5 Prof. Sanjay Bhadke Associate Member AM-1513683
    6 Prof. Milind Khamgaonkar Member M-128149-0
    7 Prof.Anup Gade Associate Member AM-100575-0
    8 Prof. Rajesh Babu Associate Member AM-151367-5
    9 Prof.Neha Mogre Associate Member AM-158978-7
    10 Prof.Ananth Kumar Associate Member M-158366-6
    11 Prof.Vishal Tiwari Associate Member AM-158980-9
    12 Prof.Jeevan Dehankar Associate Member AM-158981-7
    13 Prof. Monika Jaiswal Associate Member AM-158360-6
    14 Prof. Shraddha Mohod Associate Member AM-09728-0
    15 Prof.Gaurav Pohane Associate Member AM-158364-9
    16 Prof. Trupti Mohota Associate Member AM-1513667
    17 Prof. Amit Fulsunge Associate Member AM-158773-8
    18 Prof H.Mahawadiwar Associate Member AM-1513780
    19 Prof. Vishwajeet Ambade Associate Member AM-1513772
    20 Prof. Ashwadeep Fulzele Associate Member AM-1513705
    21 Prof. Sarvesh Warjurkar Associate Member AM-1513640
    22 Prof. Vijay Talodikar Associate Member AM-1513551
    23 Prof.Amay Khedikar Associate Member AM-1516518
    24 Prof. Deepak Sharma Associate Member AM-158370-3
    25 Prof. Jayant Rohankar Associate Member AM-158355-5
    26 Prof. Titiksha Bhagat Associate Member AM-158363-0
    27 Prof. Rashmi Bhatt Associate Member AM-158363-1
    28 Prof. Shubhangi Dhengre Associate Member AM-158371-1
    29 Prof. Tushar Uplanchiwar Associate Member AM-158357-6
    30 Prof. Ananth Kumar Associate Member AM-158366-6
    31 Prof. Shubhangi Gondane Associate Member AM-158364-8
    32 Prof. Rohini Pochhi Associate Member AM-1583359-2
    33 Prof. Kartik Ingole Associate Member AM-158362-5
    34 Prof. Rachit Singh Associate Member AM-151649-6
    35 Mr. Sachin Shende Associate Member AM-159595-7
    36 Prof. Poonam Wankhede Associate Member AM-159599-5
    37 Prof. Renuka Ramteke Associate Member AM-151375-6
    38 Prof. Dawshika khavse Associate Member AM-151377-2
    39 Prof. Abhay Revatkar Associate Member AM-151653-4
    40 Prof. Sidharth Pathak Associate Member AM-158358-1
    41 Prof. Anuradha Gaikwad Associate Member AM-158352-7
    42 Dr.Hari Kumar Naidu Fellow In Process
    43 Mithilesh Mahindra Associate Member In Process
    44 Pratik Ghutake Associate Member In Process
    45 Nagma Sheikh Associate Member In Process
    46 Mithilsh Kherade Associate Member In Process
  • IE(I) Students Chapter

    The Details of Engineering IE(I) Students Chapter is given below:

    Sr. No. Name of Department Name of President of Students’ Chapter Total number of students having IE(I) membership
    1 Computer Science and Engineering Ms. Neha Khedkar 103 Students
    2 Information Technology Ms. Puja D. Patil 69 Students
    3 Civil Engineering Mr. Vivek Kumar Shukla 123  Students
    4 Mechanical Engineering Mr. Mayur Dongre 141  Students
    5 Electrical Engineering Ms. Tulsi Giri 68 Students
    6 Electronics Engineering Mr. Chandan Urkude 35 Students
    7 Electronic  and Communication  Engineering Ms. Rakshanda Deep 86 Students

    The Details of Polytechnic IE(I) Students Chapter is given below:

    Sr. No. Name of Department Name of President of Students’ Chapter Total number of students having IE(I) membership
    1 Computer Science and Engineering

    Civil Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering

    Electrical Engineering
    President: Vaishabh Sapat (Civil)

    124 Students

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