The Institutions of Engineers(India) [IEI] Students' Chapter


Prof. Neha Mogre

Faculty Advisor
TGPCET Students’ Chapter
The Institution of Engineers (India)


Prof. Anup Gade

TGPCET Students’ Chapter
The Institution of Engineers (India)



  • About IE(I)

    We are pleased to inform that Tulsiramji Gaikwad-Patil College of Engineering and Technology , Nagpur has started students’ chapter of Institution of Engineers (India) in the year 2010 . IEI (Institution of Engineers, India) is an established professional association of India for the advancement of technology. The students’ chapters organize various activities like Expert Lectures, Seminars, Technical Paper Presentation and Project Competitions. It is also organizes different Group Discussions, Debates,Training Programs,Industrial Visits and Technical Demonstrations special lectures, Quiz competitions, Group Discussions, Seminars, Workshops, Symposia, etc. for the development of socio-techno-intellectual qualities in the students as well as for encouraging their quest for knowledge in a disciplined manner.

  • Objectives

    • The objectives of IE (I) are to promote the advancement of Engineering and Technology and their applications.

    • To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on those subjects, amongst the members and the persons attached to the Institution.

    • Faculty Members can participate in research activities organized by Institution of Engineers (India)

    • To grow the interaction between students and industry people and increase the knowledge required by the students to face the challenges.

  • Certificate

  • IE(I) Faculty Membership

    Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Member Code
    1 Prof. Sandeep  Gaikwad Fellow  A-528868-2
    2 Prof. Milind Khamgaonkar Member M-128149-0
    3 Dr. Prabha Nair Member M-1674285
    4 Prof.Anup Gade Member M-1674573
    5 Prof. Sanjay Bhadke Associate Member AM-1513683
    6 Prof. Rajesh Babu Associate Member AM-151367-5
    7 Prof.Neha Mogre Associate Member AM-158978-7
    8 Prof.Jeevan Dehankar Associate Member AM-158981-7
    9 Prof H.Mahawadiwar Associate Member AM-1513780
    10 Prof. Vishwajeet Ambade Associate Member AM-1513772
    11 Prof. Ashwadeep Fulzele Associate Member AM-1513705
    12 Prof. Sarvesh Warjurkar Associate Member AM-1513640
    13 Prof. Vijay Talodikar Associate Member AM-1513551
    14 Prof.Amey Khedikar Associate Member AM-1516518
    15 Prof. Jayant Rohankar Associate Member AM-158355-5
    16 Prof. Rashmi Bhatt Associate Member AM-158363-1
    17 Prof. Rohini Pochhi Associate Member AM-1583359-2
    18 Prof. Abhay Rewatkar Associate Member AM-151653-4
    19 Prof.Pratik Ghutke Associate Member AM-1678127
    20 Prof. Nagma Sheikh Associate Member AM-167811-9
    21 Prof. Shubhangi Gondane Associate Member AM-158374-6
    22 Prof. Praful Gadge Associate Member AM159602-3
    23 Prof. S. K. Bhadke Associate Member AM-151368
    24 Prof. Aasif M Baig Associate Member AM1740405
    25 Mr.Rahul Dhuture Associate Member AM 158984-1
    26 Mr.Sandeep Thakre Associate Member AM-158982-5
    27 Prof. Jayant Adhikari Associate Member AM1907738
    28 Prof. Vijay Bagdi Associate Member AM1907800
    29 Prof. Priyanka Bhende Associate Member AM1907746
    30 Prof. Gulrukh Nazneen Associate Member AM1907797
    31 Prof. Priya Bhurse Associate Member AM1908009
    32 Prof. Tina Khandale Associate Member AM1908025 
    33 Prof. Shubhangi Meshram Associate Member AM1908033 
    34 Prof. Sanket Deshmukh Associate Member AM1908041 
    35 Prof. Shreyash Shende Associate Member AM1907851
    36 Prof. Rucha Bhagat Associate Member AM1907843
    37 Prof. Apekshya Naharkar Associate Member AM1908572 
    38 Prof.Snehal Paliwal Associate Member AM1908365
    39 Prof.Deepak Bhoyar Associate Member AM1908335
    40 Prof.Tapas Pramanik Associate Member AM1908629
    41 Prof.Sana Sheikh Associate Member AM1911239
    42 Prof. Ganesh Wakte Associate Member AM1907959
    43 Prof. Vaishali Malekar Associate Member AM1908055
    44 Prof. Pradnya Parate Associate Member AM1908130
    45 Prof. Chetan Jambhulkar Associate Member AM 1907975
    46 Prof. Nikita Malwar Associate Member AM1908416
    47 Prof. Roshni Jethani Associate Member AM1908157
    48 Prof. Ashwini Admane Associate Member AM1908424
    49 Prof. Snehal Dongre Associate Member AM1908254
    50 Prof. Poonam Dandare Associate Member AM1908548
    51 Prof. Vidyadhar Kshirsagar Associate Member AM1908319
    52 Prof.Sandeep Barkamkar Associate Member AM1908653
    53 Prof.Ravindra Shende Associate Member AM1908675
    54 Prof.Yogesh Ramteke Associate Member AM1908688
    55 Prof.Ritesh  Banpurkar Associate Member AM1908696
    56 Prof.D.Bhoyar Associate Member AM1907924
    57 Prof.Gaurav Nagdeve Associate Member AM1907878
    58 Prof.Vivek Patil Associate Member AM1908068
    59 Prof.Ravindra Dharpure Associate Member Under Process
  • IE(I) Student Membership

  • IE(I) Students Chapter

    The Details of Engineering IE(I) Students Chapter is given below:

    Sr. No. Name of Department Name of President of Students’ Chapter Total number of students having IE(I) membership
    1 Computer Science and Engineering Ms. Dipanjali S. Ukil 185 Students
    2 Information Technology Mr. Aman Bhagat 140 Students
    3 Civil Engineering Mr. Vivekananda Chauragade 130 Students
    4 Mechanical Engineering Mr. Amit Barapatre 213  Students
    5 Electrical Engineering Ms. Ashwini Borkar 134 Students
    6 Electronic  and Communication  Engineering Mr. Aryan Singh 130 Students

  • Committee Member

    Sr. No. Name Designation
    1 Dr. S. S. Rathore, Principal, TGPCET Chairman
    2 Ms. Punam Dandare, Assistant Professor, IT Member
    3 Ms. Vishakha Mahakalkar, Student of IT Student Member
    4 Mr. Nikhil Brahmapurikar, Student of CSE Student Member
    5 Ms. Neha Mogre, Assistant Professor, CSE Member Secretary

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