Core Values

Technology Based Education: The college is aware of usefulness of Technology in dissemination of knowledge and therefore encourages to provide Technology based Education.

Industry Interaction: The students of the college have to work in industry after completion of academic pursuit and therefore efforts are made to establish industry interaction for the students.

Excellence: Excellence in action is the motto of the college and therefore the college imparts education in such a manner that there shall be excellence in action of the students.

Social Awareness: after the completion of academic pursuits the students have to live in and for the society. They belong to the society and they towed to the society .The college inculcates social awareneness in the students.

Freedom of Thought and Expression: Freedom of thought and expression is one of the fundamental rights provided by the constitution of India .The college encourages the students to think about all aspects of life , form their thoughts and express the thought freely without fair of anybody.