Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)


Prof. Rajesh Babu

EDC Coordinator
B.Tech, M.Tech (CSE)
Contact No. 88888 66459
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  • About Us

    Entrepreneurship Development Centre at TGPCET, Nagpur is committed to develop entrepreneurial spirit among students under the able guidance of our Principal. We strive to inspire students to create new and innovative business ventures compliant to global market and standards. Entrepreneurship Centre provides mentoring and regular guidance to the students from industry experts and successful entrepreneurs from various areas of business.

    Entrepreneurship Centre also helps students from family business background to implement new ideas and scale new horizons by redefining traditional way of doing business. We assist students in developing and sustaining family businesses in the age of changing dynamics of global competition and organization. We aim to instill qualities in students to contribute to efficiency and growth of their organizations.

  • Vision & Mission


    To Create Young Dynamic entrepreneurs and to act as a repository of knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship domain, by establishing a renowned center of excellence for entrepreneurship development programs.


    To motivate students in realizing their potential and to empower them as job providers rather than job seeker by igniting creative thinking and nurturing entrepreneurial instincts.

  • Objective

    ♦ To motivate students to undergo Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP), skill development training and enhance self-employment opportunities.

    ♦ To reach Science & Technology to the participants and motivate them to take up entrepreneurial ventures.

    ♦ To Provide Insight about enterprise creation & growth, management and to enable participants to acquire business acumen.

    ♦ Carrying out study to find out the entrepreneurial potential of region in selected industries.

    ♦ Starting Campus Companies.

  • Activities


    Pradhan Mantri YUVA (Pradhan Mantri Yuva Udyamita Vikas Abhiyan) Yojana is the flagship scheme of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) on entrepreneurship education and training, advocacy and easy access to entrepreneurship support network to over 14 lakh youth to initiate maximum start-ups over five years.

    TGPCET- Nagpur has been empanelled under the Pradhan Mantri YUVA Yojana with an aim to create an enabling ecosystem for entrepreneurship development through entrepreneurship education & training, advocacy and easy access to entrepreneurship network. The project also aims to promote development of social enterprises for inclusive growth.

  • List of Entrepreneurs

    Sr. No. Name of The Student Company Name
    1 Pravin Tawade Infoverse Tech Services, Nagpur, Maharastra.
    2 Gaurav Chabitkar Quality Milk Scheme Pvt.Ltd, Aurangabad, Maharastra.
    3 Ankush Wankhade Ban Creation, Aurangabad, Maharastra.
    4 Anil Yerkade Civil Contractor, Nagpur, Maharastra.
    5 Vivek Mishra Civil Contractor, Nagpur, Maharastra.
    6 Sanjay Indurkar Civil Contractor, Nagpur, Maharastra.

  • Events

    Sr. No. Activity / Event Academic Year Date
    1 Inauguration and Classes Commencement of PM-Yuva Certification Program by
    Dr.Yogita Kasturi
    (CEO, Center of innovation, VNIT, Nagpur)
    2017-18 12-02-2018
    2 PM-Yuva Orientation & Entrepreneurship Awareness Program by
    Ms.Deepika Sharma
    (Nodal Manager, PM-YUVA, Nagpur)
    Mr. Shrikant Ganjare
    (CEO, Think Solar, Nagpur)
    2017-18 19-12-2017
    3 Entrepreneurship Development Guest Lecture by
    Mr.Manish Khanchandani
    (MD, Khichadiwala, Nagpur)
    2017-18 06-09-2017
    4 Entrepreneurship Development Awareness Program by                          
    Mr.Suhail Jain
    (CEO, Jain Software ,Raipur)
    2016-17 18-03-2017
    5 Entrepreneurship Development Awareness Program by 
    Mr. Harshal Karkare
    (Director, UCN Network, Nagpur )
    2016-17 13-08-2016
    6 Entrepreneurship Development Guest Lecture by
    Rizwan Farah Hussan
    (business Development Head, Axiom techguru Pvt.Ltd., Nagpur)
    2015-16 05-03-2016
    7 Entrepreneurship Development Lecture on Rasberi Pi by
     Mr.Pankaj Dahilkar
    (R & D Head, L-Tech Lab Solution, Wardha)
    2015-16 19-12-2015
    8 Entrepreneurship Development Workshop by Mr.Prashant Garg
    (Director, Diffusion Engg. Ltd,Nagpur)

          Mr.Siddharth Samuel
    (Director, Siddharth samue Institute of Entrepreneurship, Nagpur)

    Mr.Vikas Rajput
    (Dean, Lemon School of Entrepreneurship, Nagpur)
    2015-16 08-08-2015
    9 Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship Awareness
    Mr.Vikram Shetty
    (CEO, The Mentor Solutions, Nagpur)
    2014-15 21-02-2015
    10 Guest Lecture on  Entrepreneurship
    Development System by Dr.Rahul Nagrale
    (Director,SHIRN Centre for Research and Awareness, Nagpur)
    2014-15 30-08-2014

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