Bus Facilities


Prof. Ravindra Shende

Transport Incharge
Email Id:-
Contact No. 83195 67974


Mr. Chadrashekhar Muthal

Bus Incharge
Email Id:-
Contact No. 88888 51906



  • About Transport Facility

    In the name of our institution, 17 buses are plying from various places for the welfare and development and of the students. Buses will take the students and faculties from different areas and make them to reach the college in time.

    All our buses are equipped with good infrastructure and operated in good condition. Bus-Cards will be issued to the students according to the distance between routes such as Route 1, Route 2, etc.

  • Rules & Regulation

    1. All the students are strictly advised to board the bus only from the permitted boarding points which their Bus-card represents.

    2. Students and Staff should show their ID cards to monitor and in the buses without monitor, to the driver.

    3. All the students should sign the attendance sheets and action will be taken against those students who refuse sign the attendance sheets.

    4. No students shall travel on footboard, failing which severe action will be taken and their bus transport facility will be cancelled.

    5. All the students should board the bus standing in a proper queue. Staff / Student to be present TEN (10) MINUTES early before the schedule time in their Respective Bus Stop. See that all the windows are closed before leaving the window seat. Students may also note that they should not keep their foot on the rod of the front seat. SILENCE must be maintained in the bus.

    6. For any transport related problems, the students should inform the bus incharge or email

    7. Students should not insist the driver to halt the bus in between for any reasons.

    8. Students should not indulge in unnecessary conversation with the drivers.

    9. Students and the staff are advised not to chitchat/talk inside the bus.

    Any violation of the above travel rules will be viewed seriously and may result in withdrawal of the travel facility.

  • Bus Time Table

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