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    Indian Concrete Institute is one of the leading professional bodies in India, catering to the professional needs of individuals and organisations involved in Concrete. Being a non-profit Organisation, it is dedicated to the cause of Disseminating Knowledge on Concrete, to Promote Concrete Technology and Construction and to address the Research Needs of Concrete.

    The ICI was born in 1982 with around 500 members from 5 regional Centres. Since then, there is no looking back and ICI has grown in leaps and bounds. Today ICI is a strong professional body having more than 12, 000 enrolled members, from 38 regional Centres in all major cities, spread across the entire length and breadth of the country. Of these, more than 270 are Organisational Members. All segments of cement and concrete industries are widely represented in the membership.

    To meet the objectives of ICI, the regional Centres conduct varieties of programs like Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Exhibitions, etc. throughout the year. These are at both National and International level wherein Practicing Engineers, Manufacturers, Academics, Consultants and Researchers make their global participation, to discuss the issues, to share their views and experience on the concrete related matters.

    At ICI, several Technical Committees are striving hard to bring out technical documents, to frame guidelines, to standardize, to fix norms for various speciality, concretes and construction practices, to create unified code and to bring out Hand Books etc.

    ICI works in close coordination with various Central and State Government Bodies like CPWD, PWDs, Municipal Corporation etc, for the adoption of Latest Technologies and practices in Infrastructure Building. ICI members represent in several Codal Committees of BIS.

    ICI is an active participant in Asian Concrete Federation (ACF), which is a cluster of nine Asian Countries. ICI has signed MOU with other concrete institutes like Singapore Concrete Institute, Concrete Institute of Australia, Korea Concrete Institute, American Concrete Institute and RILEM for exchange of technological Information, technical documents and to organize programmes, jointly.

    A professional body has got its responsibilities towards society. So also, ICI is committed to the society for its well being. ICI is focused towards advocating the concept of sustainability in construction practices. Many of the ICI events are focused on achieving sustainability through innovative materials and techniques.

    ICI embraces budding civil engineers thro ICI Students Chapters. There are more than 200 students chapters, all over the country and this number is on the increase. The very objective of these students’ chapters is to bridge the gap between their theoretical knowledge and what is being practiced in the field. Their involvement in ICI activities help them shape themselves to face the challenges in the field, when they come out of the Institutions and enhance their Employability Quotient. ICI also conducts value-added courses in concrete for the benefit of Practicing Engineers and Students.

    ICI identifies, recognizes and rewards the experts in the field of Concrete for their contributions to the development of concrete technology and Concrete Construction. Sixteen such awards are presented every year at the time of AGM. ICI brings out several publications, proceedings of all the important events for the benefit of members and others. Work is on to bring out a journal of international standard, through one of the world renowned Publisher.

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