M.Tech - Computer Science & Engineering


Prof. Vidya Bodhe

M-Tech Co-ordinator
B.E (CT), M.E (CSE)
Mob. No. 80071 20691
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Total Intake :- 18


  • About Department

    The department is committed to provide World Class Education is the field of Computer Science & Engineering. Department of Computer Science & Engineering was established in 2007 with undergraduate course (BE) in Computer Science & Engineering, with an intake of 60, the department had taken a step ahead in the direction of achieving the set of objectives in the year 2011 by starting postgraduate course (M.Tech) in CSE with intake of 18.

    The department has a growing, dynamic & research oriented faculty having a broad range of research interests including digital forensics, sensor networks, cloud computing, big data analysis, soft computing, artificial intelligence, multimedia technology. Our mission is to achieve academic excellence through innovative teaching and learning, quality research and enhanced development activities. The department has been continuously engaged in planning and implementing various kinds of education development activities for the pursuit of academic excellence with an eye towards the needs of the society, industries and the nation.

    To bridge the gap between industry and academic department organizes industrial visits, internship programme, and Expert lecturers on recent trends by renowned faculties. Students also maintain local chapters of professional societies like CSI, ISTE, IEI etc.

    Key Strength

    ♦ Excellent Result
    ♦ Outstanding Placement record.
    ♦ Experienced and dynamic faculty members.
    ♦ Active Industry-Academic Collaborations.
    ♦ Professional Society Chapters (IEI/ISTE/CSI).
    ♦ Mentoring Scheme highly appreciated by parents.
    ♦ Conducive learning atmosphere.

    Major Groups / Areas:

    Cloud Computing,
    Big Data Analytics
    Advance Operating System,
    Data Mining,
    Software Engineering,
    Internet and Web Technologies,
    Algorithms, Data Structure

  • Vision & Mission


    ♦ To enhance and empower the capability of youth in education and research being capable of offering innovative solutions to the challenges faced in the computing community.


    ♦ To provide the quality education which contribute towards the rapidly changing computing environment.
    ♦ To develop thinking professionals who will solve the professional & social issues.
    ♦ To establish linkages to strengthen industry-academia relationships for mutual growth.
    ♦ To engage in the lifelong learning process and to solve the global challenges in computer science domain.
    ♦ To inculcate moral and ethical values to lead the society.

  • Visiting Faculty

    List of some of the Visiting Faculty is given below

    Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation
    1 Mr. Dipak Dhote CEO,IT Network Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur
    2 Mr. Ashish Chauhan System Admin, Viva Info media Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
    3 Mr. Madan Tiwari CEO, MassTech Computers Pvt. Ltd.

  • Infrastructure


    a) Laboratories
    b) Infrastructure
    c) Class rooms with ICT facility
    d) Internet facilities for Staff & Students.

    Sr. No. Name of Lab Available Software
    1 Information & Cyber Security laboratories
    Keeper , Dasklane
    2 Computer system laboratory IBM Rational Rose, Oracle 9i
    3 Open source laboratory Wirshark, Weka , Packet Tracer
    4 Advanced Operating System Lab Linux OS,



    2018 IV 1st Dharmesh Dhablia 78.83

  • Activities

    Sr. No. Activities Professional Society Date
    1 Seminar on “Carrier Guidance in trends in IT Industry” IEI 10.01.2019
    2   Seminar on “Nuclear Technology’  : ISTE 15.01.2019
    3 Guest Lecture on “The Technology having a long term vision for India” ISTE 15.01.2019
    4 Exhibition on Atomic Energy and  Nuclear Technology ISTE 15.01.2019
    5 Seminar on “ how to qualify competitive Examination “ CSI 16.01.2019

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  • Students Placed

    Some of the students placed are given below...

    Sr.No Name of Student Company Name Academic Year
    1 DHENGARE KAJAL KRUSHNAJI Big Basket 2018-2019
    2 KAWALE PAURNIMA PRAKASH Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    3 BAMBAL JYOTI CHANDRASHEKHAR Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    4 SALAM MUKESH BABURAO Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    5 DURGA SADANAND TEMBHURNE Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    6 WANGULKAR SARIKA SHESHRAO Money India Research 2018-2019
    7 SHAMBHARKAR BHAGYASHRI SHANKAR Money India Research 2018-2019
    8 THOOL NIKITA KIRANRAO Money India Research 2018-2019
    9 CHAURE MEGHA RAJU Rapid Eagle  Pvt Ltd 2018-2019
    10 KAMBLE KIRAN RAJU Rapid Eagle  Pvt Ltd 2018-2019
    11 MANWATKAR NEHA VIJAY Rapid Eagle  Pvt Ltd 2018-2019
    12 Khawaskar Ashwini Raju Axioms Technicals  2017-2018
    13 Bagde Pranali Anil Axioms Technicals  2017-2018
    14 Divtelwar Gaurav Madhavrao Axioms Technicals  2017-2018
    15 Patil Monali Gulabrao Axioms Technicals  2017-2018
    16 Ukey Samta Hiwraj Axioms Technicals  2017-2018
    17 Patil Priya Sanjay Axioms Technicals  2017-2018
    18 Priti Suresh Wasake Axioms Technicals  2017-2018
    19 Sah Pritam Ramcharan Infosys 2017-2018
    20 Bodankar Rajat Vasant Infosys 2017-2018
    21 Bhushan Bhaskarrao Thakare Prototech Solutions 2017-2018
    22 Ganvir Aniket Anil Prototech Solutions 2017-2018
    23 Mahesh Vitthalrao Dumbere Prototech Solutions 2017-2018
    24 Sahu Sunidhi Sunderlal Prototech Solutions 2017-2018
    25 Gulrukh Nazneen Salim Cs-Kart Pvt Ltd 2016-2017
    26 Patil Shital Rahul Cs-Kart Pvt Ltd 2016-2017
    27 Amruta Patruji Pise Cs-Kart Pvt Ltd 2016-2017
    28 Ikhar Dhanshri Sureshrao Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    29 Prajakta Sahadeo Deshmukh Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    30 Borkar Shraddha Dilip Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    31 Ashwini Bais Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    32 Tejaswini Vikasrao Bhandarkar Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    33 Anand L Mothghare Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    34 Kamble Smita Bhagwan Balarka Technologies Pvt Ltd  2015-2016
    35 Prachi Gawali Balarka Technologies Pvt Ltd  2015-2016
    36 Pandhare Prajakta Vinod Balarka Technologies Pvt Ltd  2015-2016
    37 Khedikar Mrunali Vilasrao Nitor  2015-2016
    38 Saokar Sonal Chandraprakash Nitor  2015-2016
    39 Awachat Sharayu Subhashrao Nitor  2015-2016
    40 Deshmukh Deepali Chudamanji Shree Trinity Infotech Pvt Ltd 2015-2016
    41 Bais Ashwini Bhimsing Shree Trinity Infotech Pvt Ltd 2015-2016
    42 Thakur Manisha Mahadevrao Shree Trinity Infotech Pvt Ltd 2015-2016

  • Projects

    Some of the novel projects

    Sr. No

    Name of the projectee

    Project Title



    Ms.Naziya Tabassum

    An Approach to minimize storage requirement on cloud using de duplication machanism



    Ms.Prachi Gawali

    Agent Based security model Hadoop environment



    Ms. Mrunali Khedikar

    Mash up in multiple cloud computing with security management framework



    Ms. Prajakta Pandhare

    Modeling , Evaluation and detection of jamming attacks in the time critical wireless application



    Ms. Manisha Thakur

    Integrating data transmission technique in sensor wireless network using iterative filtering techniques



    Mr.Dharmesh Dhabaliya

    Scalable Load Balancing and data Security in cloud IAAS Services



    Mr.Dhiraj Gupta

    Secure Mobile video streaming & effective video sharing in cloud



    Ms.Uzma Ali

    Design & development of system for detection of security breach in cold environment



    Ms.Pankaja Hadole

    Secure mobile cloud computing using I2DM protocol with RC5 algorithm



    Mr.Vijay Bagdi

    Image mining of geotagged images extracted from cloud for prediction of next probable location


  • Photo Gallery

    Some of the M.Tech Events:

  • Syllabus

    1     CBCS MTech Scheme CSE