Structural Engineering


Prof. Sanjay Bhadke

M-Tech Co-ordinator
M-Tech in Structural Engineering, Ph.D*




  • About Department

    Department of Civil Engineering was established in 2009 with a degree course in Civil Engineering with an intake of 60 students for graduate course & later on intake of 24 students for Post graduation in Structural Engineering and 60 students for Diploma in civil Engineering. Civil Engineering is considered as one of the oldest engineering disciplines. Civil Engineering involves planning, designing and executing structural works. The profession deals with a wide variety of engineering tasks including designing, supervision and constructional activities of public works like roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, airports, dams, water works, sewage systems, ports etc. and offers a multitude of challenging career opportunities. The Department is dedicated to consultancy, educational research, and an exposure of students to the trends of development in the field of Planning, Designing & Execution to meet the needs of the construction industry, consultancies and research organizations in India and abroad. The department of Civil Engineering in TGPCET possesses a faculty team of experienced & well-qualified professors, well acquainted with deep subject knowledge, commitment to disseminate quality & value-based education in technical subjects. All faculties work hard on student to meet the requirement of market and groom the student to be job friendly.

    To achieve above objects our designed program requires each student to undergo industrial training at the end of 6th Sem. The students carry out mini projects, dissertations during the Pre-Final Year, and undertake a 6-month project during the Final Year. To add value to the program, the department organizes industrial visits and expert lectures on emerging trends by eminent personalities from industry and academia. The Department gives an exposure for Consultancy works. The department guides to the students for post graduate (GATE, CAT) entrance exam and various public sector examinations by means of special coaching and expert lectures.

    Way of Learning:
    Beyond the regular academic classes and activities, the department also is active in: -
    1. Class room demonstrations, videos, LCD presentations of their course modules and latest trends in civil engineering supplement the curriculum.
    2. A wide Scope for research & development is encouraged to provide better employment opportunities.
    3. IEI student’s chapter is installed through which lectures of eminent engineers, workshops, seminars and short term training programs are organized. IEI also provides funds for the research activities.
    4. Field visits are arranged for the early exposure to industries for students.

    Major Groups / Areas:
    1. Structural Engineering.
    2. Computer Aided Analysis and Design.
    3. Concrete Technology.
    4. Surveying.
    5. Project feasibility.

    Expertise in Research and Consultancy:
    1. Analysis and Design of Structures.
    2. Testing of Concrete, Building materials and Metals.
    3. Concrete Composites, Mix Design etc.

  • Vision and Mission of Department


    To enhance and empower the capability of youth in education, research and entrepreneurship, capable of offering the innovative solution to the challenges faced in the civil engineering domain


    ♦ To develop capable civil engineering graduates by imparting quality education and training.

    ♦ To nurture youth to face challenges and offer solutions in the research domain of civil engineering.

    ♦ To promote overall development of the students by enhancing their skills to become self-sufficient by offering industrial exposure.

  • Infrastructure


    1. Testing of Materials & Strength of Materials (SOM)
    2. Engineering Mechanics
    3. Structural Dynamics
    4. Structural Analysis
    5. STAAD Pro Laboratory
    6. Concrete Laboratory
    7. CAD /CAM & Matrix analysis of structures (Computer Laboratory with adequate backup, Internet facility & Wi-Fi is an integral part of the Department & laboratories).
    8. SIMS (Structural Instrumentation & Material science)

    Software :

    1. SAP-2000 V15
    2. Auto CAD 2009
    3. STAAD-PRO V8i
    4. ETABS

    Major Equipments: :

    1. Horizontal Shake Table.
    2. Rebound Hammer
    3. Ultra sonic pulse velocity meter
    4. Horizontal Beam Analysis
    5.Universal Testing Machine (1000tones) with computer attachment.
    6. Concrete Mixer.
    7. Torsion Testing Machine.
    8.Various Turbines ,Pumps working prototypes
    9.Compresion Testing Machine-2000 KN.
    10.California Bearing Ratio Apparatus(CBR)
    12.Swelling Pressure test Apparatus

  • Activities

    List of some of the activities conducted in 2018 - 2019 is given below

    Sr. No. Activities Date
    1 Department of Civil and Electrical Engineering jointly organised Utkarssh-2k19 4/1/2019 to 5/1/2018
    2 Department of Civil Engineering  arranged  'Dhile to Manali'  Educational Tour Program under ARTEX, ISTE Student's Chapter, ICI & IEI 28/12/2018
    3 Department of Civil Engineering, TGPCET, Nagpur Conducted site visit at Kukreja Infrastructure, Nagpur. 12/1/2019
    4 Department of Civil Engineering conducted Felicitation of Toppers and followed by Guest Lecture in association with ARTEX-Student Forum and ICI Students Chapter on "Geotechnical Investigation & Exploration" 15/01/2019
    5 Department of Civil Engineering, TGPCET, Nagpur Conducted site visit at 8th science Expo, Raman Science Centre, Nagpur 19/01/2019
    6 Department of Civil Engineering, TGPCET, Nagpur Organised 5th Annual International Conference( ICETCE-2019) In Association with ICI & ISTE Student Chapter on 22, 23 March 2019 22,23 March 2019
    7 Enginjeers day celebration is done by the core members of ARTEX-forum & ICI Students Chapter Body 15/9/2018
    8 Department of Civil Engineering organised Guest Lecture in association with ARTEX-Student Forum and ICI Students Chapter on "Civil Engineering Software application" 18/9/2018
    9 Department of Civil Engineering organised "Technical Event" & Details of Sack Server in association with ARTEX-Student Forum,  IEI Students Chapter & ISTE Students Chapter 25/9/2018

  • Students Placed

    Sr.No Name of Student Company Name Academic Year
    1 BELEKAR PALASH RAMESH Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    2 RANGARI PAYAL BHIMRAO Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    3 TEMBURNE GANESH GOPICHAND Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    4 ILAMKAR PRADIP RAMCHANDRA Bonaz Capital 2018-2019
    5 TEHSIN RAZA ABDUL MAJEED Just Dial 2018-2019
    7 JANBANDHU NAYAN KASHINATH Just Dial 2018-2019
    8 KATKAR ANKITA DILIP Just Dial 2018-2019
    9 PENDORKAR KRUSHNA KAWALU Just Dial 2018-2019
    10 Akash Subhash Yelne Money India Research 2018-2019
    12 MESHRAM AKSHITA ISHWAR Shield Reaserch 2018-2019
    13 SHEWALKAR TRUPTI SANTOSH Shield Reaserch 2018-2019
    14 AMBULE JITENDRA HUBLAL Shield Reaserch 2018-2019
    15 NAHARKAR APEKSHA DINESH Shield Reaserch 2018-2019
    16 Aditya Sunil Banubakode Bonaz Capital Pvt Ltd 2017-2018
    17 Daharwal Needhi Vijay Bonaz Capital Pvt Ltd 2017-2018
    18 Joge Sujeet Prakash Bonaz Capital Pvt Ltd 2017-2018
    19 Ramteke Vrutanki Anil Bonaz Capital Pvt Ltd 2017-2018
    20 Sayyed Natish Mushtaq Bonaz Capital Pvt Ltd 2017-2018
    21 Shende Pooja Chhatrapati Bonaz Capital Pvt Ltd 2017-2018
    22 Chetan Agrawal Earth To Sky Infra Pvt Ltd 2017-2018
    23 Ghonmode Ashish Anandrao Earth To Sky Infra Pvt Ltd 2017-2018
    24 Hete Saurabh Purushottam Earth To Sky Infra Pvt Ltd 2017-2018
    25 Panker Bhavesh Kumar Earth To Sky Infra Pvt Ltd 2017-2018
    26 Balke Bhagyashri Ramchandra Market Magnify Pvt Ltd 2017-2018
    27 Ghormade Neha Purushottam Market Magnify Pvt Ltd 2017-2018
    28 Khadse Pratiksha Vijayrao Market Magnify Pvt Ltd 2017-2018
    29 Nitin Kishor Dewani Market Magnify Pvt Ltd 2017-2018
    30 Sonali C Patil Alta Vista Pvt Ltd,  2016-2017
    31 Nagarkar Sweety Rameshrao Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    32 Snehal Shrikantrao Pawar Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    33 Kachole Rahul Marotrao Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    34 Swapnil K Mungale Market Magnify Pvt Ltd, 2016-2017
    35 Anshul D Umredkar R.M Dayaramji Contractors Pvt Ltd 2015-2016
    36 Bajare Sumit Vijay R.M Dayaramji Contractors Pvt Ltd 2015-2016
    37 Bondre Rupali Krushnarao R.M Dayaramji Contractors Pvt Ltd 2015-2016
    38 Kadambini Admane R.M Dayaramji Contractors Pvt Ltd 2015-2016

  • News Article

    Concrete Technology Environmental Day Guest Lecture
    Scientific Model Vedsidha Buttibori Workshop Advance Construction Technology

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  • Syllabus

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  • Student Project Details

    Sr. No. Name of Student Title of Project Name of Guide
    1 Prajakta Yashvant Bagade Analysis and design of RC framed building with using belt truss at different locations Prof.Amey R. Khedikar
    2 Saurabh Moreshwar Tonde Dynamic analysis of mulstioried building resting on combined pile raft foundation Prof.Amey R. Khedikar
    3 Neha Subhash Wanjari Comparative analysis of conventional chevron braced frame and diagrid frame with plan irregularity Prof.Amey R. Khedikar
    4 Hemant Avinash Ganorkar Analysis of High rise struecture with mass irregularities in SAP2000 using performance based seismic design approach Prof.Amey R. Khedikar
    5 Gauri Giridharrao Nimbhorkar Seismic response of verically irregular and regular RC structure with stiffness irregularity at different levels Prof.Amey R. Khedikar
    6 Sumit Vinod Ganorkar Progressive collapse analysis of R.C. structures subjected to earthquake ground motion Prof.Amey R. Khedikar
    7 Parth Mohan Samarth Critical analysis on performance of RCC structures under various blast condition Prof.Amey R. Khedikar
    8 Reecha Raviraj Meshram Comparison of seismic analysis response of multistoried building with and without liquid damper in various seismic zones using STAAD pro. Prof. Sanjay Bhadke
    9 Akshay Sharad Shete Comparative design and analysis of RCC T-beam bridge superstructures for different codes and load combinations Prof. Sanjay Bhadke
    10 Shweta Manoj Khandekar Seismic analysis of irregular building frames with soil structures interaction suibjected to pounding effect Prof. Sanjay Bhadke
    11 Mandar Hemendra Chankar Comparative technique of direct design method and safe programming with and without interior beam Prof. Sanjay Bhadke
    12 Atul Bhimrao Sondawale Analysis and design of earthquake resistant RCC structures using Stiffness modification factors Prof. Sanjay Bhadke
    13 Vivek  Vijay Asati Time History analysis of irregular shape building Prof. Sanjay Bhadke
    14 Savin Madhurkar Lulekar Seismic analysis and design of multistorey RC buildings with and without fluid viscous dampers Prof. Sanjay Bhadke
    15 Sarang Kiran Wakharkar Impact Resistant Design of Overhead Protection Structures and blast proof chamber Prof. Sandeep Gaikwad
    16 Sheetal Vijay Janbadhu Corrosion Fatigue behaviour of steel tubular jints of offshore structure” Prof. Sandeep Gaikwad
    17 Pratik Anandrao kalambe Dynamic Analysis and Design of R.C.C solids storage structure by with reference to IS 1893:2016” Prof. Sandeep Gaikwad
    18 Tanmay Anil Ghumade Comparative Analysis and Design of Deck bridge Culvert for Different Mix Design and Span using STAAD pro. Prof. Sandeep Gaikwad
    19 Shubham Shankar Haldar Load analysis of off-shore steel fixed jacket platform structures having bracing pattern Prof. Sandeep Gaikwad
    20 Sachin Motghare Seismic Response of Retrofitting for G+9 Multistoried R.C. structure by Using R.C.C Jacketing and Steel Wrapping Techniques Prof. Sandeep Gaikwad
    21 Abhishek Atmanand Pandey Analysis, Design And Comparison of Rectangular And Circular Elevated Storage Tank Under Seismic Load By GSDMA Guidelines Dr. S. S. Rathore
    22 Buddhapriya Rajhans Ramteke Finite elements analysis of CFRP strengthened hollow circular steel section Dr. S. S. Rathore
    23 Shobhit Haridas Gajbhiye Analysis of seismic demand in different structural members by considering various earthquake zones Dr. S. S. Rathore
    24 Mahesh Khojram Nakade Seismic performance analysis of Multi-storied R.C.C. Flat Slab varying with Slenderness Ratio and Aspect Ratio Dr. S. S. Rathore