Structural Engineering


Prof. Sanjay Bhadke

M-Tech Co-ordinator
M-Tech in Structural Engineering
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  • About Department

    Department of Civil Engineering was established in 2009 with a degree course in Civil Engineering with an intake of 60 students for graduate course & later on intake of 24 students for Post graduation in Structural Engineering and 60 students for Diploma in civil Engineering. Civil Engineering is considered as one of the oldest engineering disciplines. Civil Engineering involves planning, designing and executing structural works. The profession deals with a wide variety of engineering tasks including designing, supervision and constructional activities of public works like roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, airports, dams, water works, sewage systems, ports etc. and offers a multitude of challenging career opportunities. The Department is dedicated to consultancy, educational research, and an exposure of students to the trends of development in the field of Planning, Designing & Execution to meet the needs of the construction industry, consultancies and research organizations in India and abroad. The department of Civil Engineering in TGPCET possesses a faculty team of experienced & well-qualified professors, well acquainted with deep subject knowledge, commitment to disseminate quality & value-based education in technical subjects. All faculties work hard on student to meet the requirement of market and groom the student to be job friendly.

    To achieve above objects our designed program requires each student to undergo industrial training at the end of 6th Sem. The students carry out mini projects, dissertations during the Pre-Final Year, and undertake a 6-month project during the Final Year. To add value to the program, the department organizes industrial visits and expert lectures on emerging trends by eminent personalities from industry and academia. The Department gives an exposure for Consultancy works. The department guides to the students for post graduate (GATE, CAT) entrance exam and various public sector examinations by means of special coaching and expert lectures.

    Way of Learning:
    Beyond the regular academic classes and activities, the department also is active in: -
    1. Class room demonstrations, videos, LCD presentations of their course modules and latest trends in civil engineering supplement the curriculum.
    2. A wide Scope for research & development is encouraged to provide better employment opportunities.
    3. IEI student’s chapter is installed through which lectures of eminent engineers, workshops, seminars and short term training programs are organized. IEI also provides funds for the research activities.
    4. Field visits are arranged for the early exposure to industries for students.

    Major Groups / Areas:
    1. Hydraulic Engineering.
    2. Structural Engineering.
    3. Computer Aided Analysis and Design.
    4. Concrete Technology.
    5. Environmental Engineering.
    6. Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering.
    7. Surveying.
    8. Project feasibility.
    9. Engineering Geology.

    Expertise in Research and Consultancy:
    1. Pump Testing.
    2. Precision Survey works.
    3. Analysis and Design of Structures.
    4. Testing of Concrete, Building materials and Metals.
    5. Concrete Composites, Mix Design etc.

  • Vision and Mission of Department


    To offer excellent engineering education, manpower training as well as leadership training in civil engineering.


    Civil engineering department envisages the department creating a professional with strong technical and management fundamentals along with ethical values and to impart quality and value based education to raise satisfaction of all stake holders.

  • Core Faculty

    List of some of the Core Faculty is given below

    Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Experience
    1     Mr. Sandeep Gaikwad Associate Professor B. E (Civil), M. Tech., Ph. D* 14 Yrs
    2     Prof. Sanjay K Bhadke Asst. Professor B. E (Civil), M. Tech. 9 Yrs
    3     Prof. Amey Khedikar Asst. Professor B. E (Civil), M. Tech. 5 Yrs

  • Infrastructure


    1. Testing of Materials & Strength of Materials (SOM)
    2. Engineering Mechanics
    3. Structural Dynamics
    4. Structural Analysis
    5. STAAD Pro Laboratory
    6. Concrete Laboratory
    7. CAD /CAM & Matrix analysis of structures (Computer Laboratory with adequate backup, Internet facility & Wi-Fi is an integral part of the Department & laboratories).
    8. SIMS (Structural Instrumentation & Material science)

    Software :

    1. SAP-2000 V15
    2. Auto CAD 2009
    3. STAAD-PRO V8i
    4. ETABS

    Major Equipments: :

    1. Horizontal Shake Table.
    2. Rebound Hammer
    3. Ultra sonic pulse velocity meter
    4. Horizontal Beam Analysis
    5.Universal Testing Machine (1000tones) with computer attachment.
    6. Concrete Mixer.
    7. Torsion Testing Machine.
    8.Various Turbines ,Pumps working prototypes
    9.Compresion Testing Machine-2000 KN.
    10.California Bearing Ratio Apparatus(CBR)
    12.Swelling Pressure test Apparatus

  • Activities

    List of some of the activities conducted in 2015 - 2016 is given below

    Sr. No. Activities Date
    1    Organised 3rd Annual Internatioal Conference on Emerging Trends In Civil Engineering ” 18/02/2017
    2   Guest lecture on “Preparation For Civil Services” 31/01/2016
    3    Site visit at “Bhandewadi waste water treatment plant, Nagpur ” 15/03/2016
    4   Guest lecture on “ Design and analysis of multistorey building.” 15/03/2016
    5    All india workshop on “ Advances in construction technology.” 12/02/2016 To 13/02/2016
    6    Guest lecture on “ lets explore concrete.” 09/02/2016
    7    Guest lecture on “ IT Aids in civil engineering.” 02/02/2016
    8    2nd International conference on ICTCE-16 22/01/16 To 23/01/2016
    9     All india workshop on “Advances in reinforced cement concrete” 25/08/2015

  • Students Placed

    Some of the students placed are given below...

    Sr.No Photo Name of Student Company Name Salary Package (Per Annum)
    1 Bhola sontakke Infratech Real Estate Pvt.Ltd Nagpur 5 Lakhs
    2 Ravi Navrange MHADA 4 Lakhs
    3 Atul Naik   6 Lakhs

  • News Article

    Concrete Technology Environmental Day Guest Lecture
    Scientific Model Vedsidha Buttibori Workshop Advance Construction Technology

  • Photo Gallery

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  • Student Project Details

    Sr. No. Name of Student Title of Project Name of Guide
    1    Alesh A. Matale Soil- Structure Interaction of Multistorey R.C.C. Frames Prof. Amey R. Khedikar
    2    Parimal P. Dhote Optimum Fractional Element in Sliding Isolation System Prof. Amey R. Khedikar
    3    Shital A. Navghare Dynamic Analysis of R.C.C Framed Structure for Columns with Modeling Irregularities Prof. Amey R. Khedikar
    4    Sonali Pole Seismic Behavior of Elevated Water Tank under different Staging Pastern Prof. Amey R. Khedikar
    5    Swapnil K. Mungale Seismic Analysis of Open Ground Storey Building Prof. Amey R. Khedikar
    6    Dnyaneshkumar H. Lanjewar Seismic Analysis of Irregular Shape Building Prof. Amey R. Khedikar
    7    Medhavi v. Bobade Seismic Response Control of Building Using Metallic Dissipation devices Prof. Amey R. Khedikar
    8    Praful Gujjewar Comparative Study of Various Seismic Analysis Method For RCC Structure Prof. Manish Chudare
    9    Mohini Bhagat Mitigation of Seismic of Multistoried RCC Building Using Passive Tuned Mass Damper Prof. Manish Chudare
    10    Renuka Ramteke Parametric Study of Multistoried RCC Flat Structure Under Seismic Effect Having Different Plan Aspect Ratio And Slenderness Ratio Prof. Manish Chudare
    11    Komal Karekar Seismic Anlysis of Building with Shear Wall on Sloping Ground Prof. Manish Chudare
    12    Sheikh Firoj Sheikh Dawood Prediction of Blast Loading And Its Impact On Building Prof. Manish Chudare
    13    Umesh S. Wani Deep Beam Analysis Using FEM Program and ANSYS For Isoparametric Elements Prof. Sanjay K. Bhadke