Electronics & Communication Engineering


Ms. Rohini Pochhi

BE, M.Tech, PhD*
(Head, Electronics and Communication Engineering)
Contact No.:- 9730773991 / 8554982350
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Affiliated to RTM Nagpur University

Total Intake :- 60


  • About Department

    1. Established with B.E. ECE in the year 2007-08 with an intake of 60.It has been one of the key departments, active in teaching and research since its inception in 2007. It has well qualified and experienced faculty with novel teaching methods.

    2. Research and training activities are based on VSAT, Atmel, µP & µC and SATCOM laboratories.A separate computing facility has been established to carry out project work and design jobs taken up by the department.

    3. The Department has a state-of-the-art Microwave & Radar Engineering Laboratory in addition to well-equipped laboratories in the areas of Electronic Devices, Communication Engineering, Digital Signal Processing, Microprocessor and Microcontroller and Digital Electronics

    4. The department has Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC) which aims to establish and explore proper links with various departments, agencies and industries all over the country. It also aims to work in close coordination with the industries and organizations for placement and training of the students, to support R & D and sponsored projects from industries, to exchange personnel between the Industries and the Institute by organizing guest lectures by Industrial experts, evaluation of project work, development of curriculum as per industry needs and other academic work in the Institute.

    5. The sponsored project of our students “GSM Based Automatic Response System for Locomotive Trouble Shooting” designed for the three phase locomotives WAG 9 / WAP 5 / WAP 7 in Indian Railways, started under the guidance of TRO dept. of Central Railway Commission in Nagpur Division is appreciated by General Manager, Central Railways Mr. Subodh Jain in Ballarshah during his annual inspection of Ballarshah-Sevagram section and is practically implemented in Nagpur division. The project was published in BPQ – SEGM section Booklet-B: Performance Parameter of Central Railway, Nagpur on 17th January 2012.

    6. Student of ECE Department won 2nd Prize in XVIIth ISTE Student National Annual Convention for best Engineering Project at Rajkot

  • Vision and Mission of Department


    To impart state of art education for enabling youth to offer solution for the challenges faced in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering.


    ♦ To stimulate and develop the students through quality education to face the challenges.

    ♦ To empower youth for developing them as a leader through lifelong learning.

    ♦ To infuse scientific temper towards research activities.

    ♦ To provide a framework for promoting training in collaboration with industry institute interaction.

    ♦ To foster a broad spectrum of knowledge in order to prepare them for ethical and social concern.

  • Programme Educational Objectives

    Graduates will be able to:

    PEO 1 : Students will apply basic fundamentals in mathematics, physics and electronic engineering discipline to build sound foundations.

    PEO 2: Students will design, analyze and solve engineering problems to develop them as the professional leaders in the field of Electronics & communication Engineering.

    PEO 3: Students will get exposure by providing technical training to execute the multidisciplinary projects as a team.

    PEO 4: Students will channelize their knowledge through lifelong learning to assist in the development of the society.

    PEO 5: Students will acquire work ethics and concern for society.

  • Program Specific Outcomes

    PSO 1: The ability to design, Construct and analyze Electronics & communication Engineering systems.

    PSO 2: The ability to use associated Electronics tools to improve performance of Electronics system.

  • Infrastructure

    Sr. No

    Name of the Laboratory

    List of Equipment


    Television & Video Engineering Lab

    1.Antenna Trainer
    2.Black & White Receiver Trainer kit
    3.Color  Television Receiver trainer Kit
    4. Pattern Generator,
    5. CRO


    Digital Communication/ Discrete Integrated Circuit 

    1.Analog Signal sampling & reconstruction Kit
    2. Data Conditioning & Reconditioning kit
    3.Pulse code Modulation & Demodulation kit


    Linear Electronics Circuit 

    2.Function generator
    3. Op-Trainer Kit
    4. Digital Multimeter


    Microprocessor & Interfacing 

    1.Microprocessor kit 8085/8086
    2.MASM software


    Digital Signal Processing 

    2.Matlab Software
    3.Simulink software
    4.Pspice free version software
    5.Keil free version software
    6.MASM Software


    Electronics Workshop 

    1.Orcad university bundle with 6 user
    2.CRO Test lab
    3.LCR Q meter
    4.PCB Designing lab


    Electronics Measurements

    1.Maxwell bridge
    2.Desauty bridge
    3.Schieering bridge
    4.wein bridge


    Advanced Communication Lab 

    1.Bluetooth Trainer Kit
    2.ATM Trainer Kit
    3. Spectrum Analyzer TG (9KHz-3GHz)


    Digital Circuit 

    1.IC tester
    2. Trainer Kits
    3. Different IC


    Communication Electronics

    2.AM,FM,TDM,FSK,PSK,ASK Modulation Trainer Kit
    3.AM,FM,TDM,FSK,PSK,ASK Demodulation Trainer Kits 


    Electronic Devices & Circuit

    2.Digital storage oscilloscope (DSO)
    3.Function generator
    4..Digital Multimeter
    5.Transistor CB,CE Trainer Kit
    6.Bread Board

    In addition to the routine equipments required for practical, the laboratories are also equipped with special equipments like Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, LCR- Q Meter EDA Tanner Tool, EMI/EMC Trainer, Pattern Generator, CDMA, Frequency Counter Satellite Communication Trainer, Gunn based Microwave bench, Electromagnet and Antenna Design S/WSMD soldering station 8051 Microcontroller Trainer Kit, Embedded Trainer Kit for 51 Family, micro controller trainer kits. PC based Add-on cards, Universal IC programmer, C-compliers, Cross assemblers, Hardware simulator software such as MATLAB 7.04 with all toolboxes, PCB Designing & developing software’s, 8051 Simulator, EPROM programmer, MULTISIM, Express PCB, KEIL, ORCAD, MASM software. In addition to the central computer center, the department has its own dedicated computer labs which have more than 50 Wipro workstations configured with latest technology to fulfill the needs of latest designs and simulation software’s used in the field of Electronics. Computer labs are connected to internet through 10 Mbps

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  • Activities

    Sr. No. Event Collaboration Utility
    1 3rd International Conference ‘Techotronics-17’ Mr.S.Sonaskar
    V.S. Infomatics, Nagpur
    Mr. Manish Karendekar
    Director, JIGYASA Inovations Pvt.Ltd.Nagpur
    Faculty & Students
    2 Two Days training on VSAT satellite Communication Mr.Roshan Kamble
    Airport Director(ATM/CNS)
    ATS In Charge, Dr.B.A.I.Airport, Nagpur
    3 One day workshop on Industrial Robotics, Cloud Technology & Information Security Mr.Anil Tatode
    Training Officer,
    Industrial Automation PLC & SCADA,Oberoi Centre for Excellence
    4 Internet of Things with Android, Arduino & Ethernet Sheild Mr.Pushkar Vaidya
    Branch Manager
    Chintamani Infotech Pvt. Ltd
    Faculty & Students
    5 Latest Job Opportunities in Telecom Sector Mr. Sandeep Sonaskar
    V.S Informatics Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur
    6 Latest Trends in Solar System & Government Policies Mr. Sandeep Sonaskar
    V.S Informatics Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur
    7 Internet of Things (IoT) using Raspberry Pi Mr.Swapnil Katole
    Sr.Project Engineer,
    Technovision, Nagpur
    8 2nd International Conference ‘Techotronics-16’ Mr.Shravankumar
    Senior member, Technical Staff AMD,Hyderabad
    Mr.Ashish Uttarwar
    CEO,ARAV Technologies,Nagpur
    9 PCB Designing Tool Mrs. Renuka Wekhande
    Project Manager
    S.M.Technology Nagpur
    10 Multisim & NI MyRIO Mr. Sameer Taksande
    Project Leader
    Arav Technology, Nagpur
    11 Semiconductor Chip Design Dr.Avireni Srinivasulu
    Professor of ECE
    VESER University
    12 Speed Math Calculation & Aptitude Enhancement Mr. Rishi Chourasia
    Vikalp Education, Nagpur.
    13 Introduction to Raspberry Pi (Embedded System) Mr.Pankaj Dahilakar
    R & D Head,
    L-Tech Lab Solution,Wardha
    Faculty & Students
    14 Hands on “DSP Processor, ARM 11 Processor, FPGA Mr.Pravin Rauth
    R.D.Head, Akademica Instruments Pvt.Ltd.,Mumbai
    15 1st  International Conference ‘Techotronics-15’ Mr. Sandeep Dharwekar
    MD, BETA Computronics, Nagpur
    16 Latest trends in Telecom Sector Mr. Sandeep Sonaskar
    V.S Informatics Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur
    17 Introduction to Resistor Mr.Haqe Students
    18 Basic Testing of Electronic Instrument Mr.Jitendra Walchale Students

  • Students Placed

    Some of the students placed are given below...

    Sr.No Photo Name of Student Company Name
    1 Kalpesh Seludkar Amazon
    2 Swikruti Aglawe Amazon
    3 Pranjali Deshpande Balarka
    4 Diksha Rahangdale Balarka
    5 Mayuri Dhurjad Balarka
    6 Ujwala Raware Qedbaton Pvt.Ltd
    7 AMIT PACHGHARE Infosis Pvt Ltd, Network Trainee, Pune.
    8 LOKESH PATIL Kinetics Communication Ltd.,pune
    9 Monu N. Tembhare fire institute Pune
    10 SHWETA TANDRA Infosys, Banglore
    11 RITESH V. HANDE Design Pvt . Ltd Instrument Engg,Nagpur
    12 Priyanka Malekar Bgppl.Ballarpur
    13 Sheetal  Mishra Indorama , Nagpur
    14 Ekta Mall Indoworth india Ltd B-130 MIDC Butibori nagpur
    16 Swapnil Goenka  Wipro Technologies, Pune
    17  AKSHAY SHENDE  EDAS Technologies
    18 KARTIK S GANTI  L & T Infotech ,Pune
    19  ANKUSH V WANKHEDE Business (T-Shirt Manufacturing,Brand Marketing)
    20  PRATIK D MESHRAM  Zebronics,Nagpur

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    2     EMF IV
    4     DCFM IV
    5     DCOM VI
    6     DSP VI
    7     TSS VI
    8     CSE VI
    9     CCN VIII
    10     M&R VIII
    11     Satellite Communication VIII

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    8 Satellite VIII Download

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