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Mr. Jayant Rohankar

M.Tech Co-ordinator
Mob. No. 8554982302
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Total Intake :- 24


  • About Department

    • The institute offers course of Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology. There is a distinct entrepreneurial spirit in the students of the department. The department focuses on sincerity, commitment and dedication. IT department has a mission to nurture young IT talent by effective guidance and support.

    • The Information Technology Department offers post-graduate programme in M.E.(WCC) with intake facility of 24(Twenty Four). We possess a team of experienced and well-qualified teachers with well versed of subject knowledge and having a deep, steadfast commitment to disseminate quality & value-based education in technical subjects. The department library serves 100 reference & text books as a ready source of information. Information Technology has various applications in the field of Software Testing, Software Development, E-governance, E-Commerce and other such like industries.

    • The curriculum covers an array of subjects like Management Information System, Industrial Economics & Management to equip the students with extra facet to the education they pursue. IT is the area of managing technology and spans wide variety of areas and is not limited to things such as processes, computer software, information systems, computer hardware, programming languages and data constructs. In a nutshell, anything that renders data, information or perceived knowledge in any visual format whatsoever, via any multimedia distribution mechanism is considered to be a part of the domain space known as Information Technology(IT).

    • The Department is dedicated to research, education and overall excellence. The various programs taken up here aim at exposing students to the developments in the field of computing, thereby enabling them to meet the needs of the IT industry and research organizations in India and abroad.

    Key Strength

     Excellent Placement record.
     Experienced and dynamic faculty members.
     Active Industry-Academic Collaborations.
     Vibrant Professional Society Chapters (IEI/ISTE/CSI).
     Mentoring Scheme highly appreciated by parents.
     Conducive learning atmosphere.
     Outstanding academic result.

    a) Way of Learning
    b) Major Groups / Areas:

    Cloud Computing,
    Operating System,
    Databases and Data Mining,
    Computer Networks,
    Software Engineering,
    Internet and Web Technologies,
    Algorithms, Data Strucure

    c) Expertise in Research and Consultancy

  • Vision and Mission of Department


    To contribute in the enhancement of capabilities of youth to face Information Technology challenges by empowering them with innovative ideas.


    ♦ To stimulate students to learn effectively and apply the knowledge in the field of Engineering and Technology.

    ♦ To undertake industry academic collaboration to enhance competency in graduates.

    ♦ To foster innovative ideas amongst students for becoming leaders.

    ♦ To create an environment of research culture.

    ♦ To impart social and ethical values for inculcating the culture of lifelong learning.

  • Core Faculty

    List of some of the Core Faculty is given below

    Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Education Experience
    1 Prof. Anup Gade HoD Ph. D* 13 Years
    2 Dr. Padmalochan Pradhan Professor Ph. D 25 Years
    3 Mr. Jayant Rohankar Assistant Professor M.Tech 12 Years
    4 Mr. Mukul Pande Assistant Professor M.E 5 Years

  • Infrastructure


    a) Laboratories
    b) Infrastructure
    c) Class rooms with ICT facility
    d) Internet facilities for Staff & Students.

    Sr. No. Name of Lab Available Software
    1 Computer Network Lab Turbo C, C++, NS2, Wirshark
    2 Computer Graphics Lab Turbo C, C++, Open Office
    3 Object Oriented Programming Lab C++, JDK 1.5
    4 Project and Research Lab Turbo C, C++, Java, .Net
    5 Advance Database Lab My SQL, Oracle 9i
    6 Data Structure Lab Turbo C, C++, JDK 1.5
    7 Software Engineering Lab  IBM Rational Rose, Oracle 9i
    8 Computer Workshop Computer Systems, Network Switch, Motherboard, Processors, Computer Systems
    9 Language Lab Turbo C, C++, ETNLLanguage software
    10 Advances of Algorithm Lab Turbo C, C++, Wirshark
    11 Simulation Lab LINUX,WEKA, Eclips, Simulator, Cisco Packet tracer, Veka tool



    2018 IV 1st Sayali Anfat 8.89
    2018 IV 2nd Sneha Bopche 8.68
    2018 IV 3rd Ankita Mathankar 8.63
    2017 IV 1st Ruchika Ramsharan Wankhede 9.11
    2017 IV 2nd Ashwini Yuvaraj Gudadhe 9.07
    2017 IV 3rd Bhagyashree Bramhadas Kokode 8.90
    2016 IV 1st Chaitali Narayanrao Surkar 9.20
    2016 IV 2nd Pooja Arvind Ingle 9.07
    2016 IV 3rd Monali Radhakisan Dahapute 9.0

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  • PG Projects

    Sr. No. Name of Student Title Of Project Name of Guide
    1 Mukul M. Pande Wireless Lab Implementation On Cellular Frequency Prof Sulabha V Patil
    2 Ashwini V. Nagpure An Augmented Approach Of Topology Control Protocol For Wireless Sensor Network Prof Sulabha V Patil
    3 Poonam U. Lambat Object Based Data Storage System For Cloud Using Dht And Tpdss With Self-Destructing Data Prof Parag Jawarkar
    4 Shweta N. Pable Improved Priority Based Signal Management In Traffic System Prof Amit Welekar
    5 Aditya M. Patil Performance Improvement Of Network By Using Packet Filtering In Hybrid Firewalls Prof Supratim Saha
    6 Chaitali Surkar Raspberry Pi-2 Based Anti Theft Systems for Car logo Prof. Amit Welekar
    7 Namrata Manoharrao Gaurkar Implementing Application for History Based Ranking Algorithm for Personalised Search Queries by using Crawler Intelligence Prof. Parul Bhanarkar
    8 Monali Dahapute Hybrid Segmentation Approach for irregular shape fruit images under natural illumination Prof. Amit Welekar

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